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I'ze de cat dat catches the fish
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I google photos of pool noodles when I'm sad

Sharkstar... on... ICE by Alopiidae
Toothshard sitting at home like lazy garbage by Alopiidae
Tamarackfall vs Snail by AlopiidaeEvent 2-14: Robinkit and Troutkit by Alopiidae61. Fairy Tale by Alopiidaeb l u e by Alopiidae

aah, I have to work tomorrow.. never really have before. But anyway, I have a couple of characters from long-dead groups, they're monster-y... 

1 deviant said And I still sorta like them, and don't really want them to go to waste
1 deviant said Dionne by Alopiidae
1 deviant said > Go away, Shark
No deviants said > I have a group you should join!
No deviants said > Let's RP, I have some independent characters too!
No deviants said Leoncillo by Alopiidae


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well, this is all I got, but if you have any suggestions as to good ideas for art to make and put up here, I'd like to hear them



Fri Jun 26, 2015, 1:11 PM
Fri Jun 26, 2015, 1:26 AM
Thu Jun 18, 2015, 4:13 PM
i mean >< thats the number
Thu Jun 18, 2015, 12:51 PM
lol so close to your goal 21,924
Thu Jun 18, 2015, 12:51 PM

My sense of Humor;

:A: Investigating Scents by Alopiidae


Edit; next prize is open in 30 more views, 22200!
so either kiris got less popular, everyone got busier, or everyone hates me, or whatever combo

now some of you might know I hate the number 21, it makes me think of dead puppies
right now I have 20999 pageviews and unless I want to deal with the next thousand for long I need to make an incentive to get people to refresh my page numerous times. or log into a second account and do it myself but who has time for that.

soooooooooo here are my next kiri #s, what I think of them, and what you can get from me for screen-capping the exact number.

22000- what a nice number. Full-body finished drawing of one character coloured with background.

22200- this is a good number. Full-body sketch-y drawing of one character coloured with background.

22220- nice. getting close to the point where I say "hot damn." Head-shot of any character, coloured.

22222- look at this number. it's all 2s. hot damn. Full-body finished drawing of up to 5 characters coloured with background.

Old updates...
what have I been up to lately... well, I've been going through driver's ed which is h e l l . like, I did my time in high school, do I really need 4 more long days of sitting in an uncomfortable chair as teens cause a ruckus???????? speaking of high school teens and a ruckus, I did go to prom, a year late, and with my ex. nobody I knew was going to my year's prom, so I didn't go, but I knew some people at THIS ONE. alllllso, I'll probably be away this weekend. and starting on the 29th, I have WORK. yeah.
edit;  [for real '21' is one of the most annoying things ever because every time I see it without fail I am upset and it is literally a two digit number and it's everywhere h elp]
Lot of stuff coming up these next few weeks... but nothing the next couple of days. I should draw a lot...
edit; I have thoroughly cleaned 6 warrior cat groups within the past couple of days. im a monster. only half of said groups are mine I've just been going in others as co-founder and cleaning the stuff
today I spent too much money at a con. but hey, more pokemon plushies -adds to hoard-
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literally nobody i watch uses this status thing as much as i do
week 8; interview happened, results on friday...
week 6; no job. no interviews. no calls. lots of shitty movies though


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